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Welcome to our Website

My name is Louis Kiss and I am the inventor of the Grab-it Pack™.


"Necessity" is the Mother of invention so I guess "frustration" must be the Father. I created this product line out of my frustration for COMFORTABLE, PRACTICAL, and DURABLE items that can be USED and RELIED upon everyday during our busy and active lives. I put my experience as a stunt man and special effects artist to the test in order to bring you this fantastic product.


You work and play too hard to worry about the security of your personal items and we're here to take care of that.


We have many more products on the drawing board so please check back often. Until then...


You can finally throw away your fanny pack because the GRABIT PACK is here!!!


This allows FAST and EASY ACCESS to your cell phone, wallet, and keys while being comfortable and offering security for your valuable items and plenty of space to put them in without getting in your way.


People will watch in amazement as you draw your phone as fast as a Gunslinger.


Help your spine feel better by not sitting on your wallet.


Never have keys digging into your skin through your pocket again. They'll be out of the way and easy to get to.


No matter what you do for a living or how you have fun you know that back packs are made for books and “fanny” packs are plain annoying.

Get some peace of mind and invest in the GRABIT PACK.


The Grabit Pack is NOW AVAILABLE for purchase ONLINE!!!

Click HERE to order!!!



The Grabit Pack is NOW AVAILABLE for purchase ONLINE!!!

Click HERE to order!!!


Customer Testimonials:


This is [email protected]*#kin' awesome!!!



I love them! You provided me with excellent customer service!



Wow, fast shipping and an AWESOME product to boot! I got my Grabit Pack in the mail and it came in handy while on my motorcycle today. I didn't have enough stuff to bring with me to warrant using a tank bag, yet I didn't have enough pocket space in my jacket or pants. Your Grabit pack is great and I'm sure some of my other riding friends will want one too!