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Welcome to our Website


My name is Louis Kiss and I am the inventor of the Grab-it Pack.


"Necessity" is the Mother of invention so I guess "frustration" must be the Father. I created this product because I was frustrated with sitting on my wallet and accessing my phone from my pocket while keeping them secure and out of the way during physical activity.


Back packs are fine for books, fanny packs flop around and are ridiculous; a man purse is not an option, messenger bags get in the way, while Military versa-packs and "drop thigh " bags are too bulky. To make matters worse, none of these options are cost effective.


Where was I going to find something that is COMFORTABLE, PRACTICAL, DURABLE, AFFORDABLE, doesn't get in the way, and can be RELIED upon everyday?


It is my job to invent things. For the past 20 years I have worked as a Makeup Effects Artist and Stunt Man (you can view my resume HERE). Much of my work requires an eye for detail and can be a very involved process. I used these same techniques to develop the GRAB-IT PACK.


Upon completion of the prototype, I used my skills as a stunt man and martial artist to test out my invention. GRAB-IT PACK Version 1.0 was released in February 2008 and the response has been amazing.


Although the design has not changed, the quality of the product has greatly improved. These improvements were implemented based on customer feedback and reviews.


At the end of a film production I usually have to find another gig, usually lose contacts with new friends, and I have to start the process all over again. The GRAB-IT PACK has opened a doors to new opportunities for me while establishing lasting customer relations I am proud to be a part of. Customer satisfaction is my #1 goal. Grab-it Pack sales continue to grow thanks to word of mouth and outstanding customer reviews.


Expect our product line to grow and keep checking back for updates.


Thanks so much for your support!



The Grabit Pack is NOW AVAILABLE for purchase ONLINE!!!

Click HERE to order!!!





Click HERE to order!!!


Customer Testimonials:


I love them! You provided me with excellent customer service!



Wow, fast shipping and an AWESOME product to boot! I got my Grab-it Pack in the mail and it came in handy while on my motorcycle today. I didn't have enough stuff to bring with me to warrant using a tank bag, yet I didn't have enough pocket space in my jacket or pants. Your Grabit pack is great and I'm sure some of my other riding friends will want one too!