Benefits of the Grab-it Pack

As some of you know, I work as a Special Makeup Effects Artist.  In an attempt to be clever, people will say to me, “I bet you have fun on Halloween” or they will see one of my monster creations as say, “that looks like my (insert: mother-in-law, ex-wife, etc. here)”.

Although our website has been on line for a few months, a few issues have been posted on internet forums regarding the actual use of the GRAB-IT PACK.

Statements like:  “why not just wear cargo pants”, “just use pockets”,  “it looks too much like a gun holster” or even worse “just get a man purse” are being posted more often as our product gains more internet exposure.

I have no issues with people trying to be clever but when posts like this happen this early in the game, it needs to be addressed.

Why not just wear cargo pants?

The common sense answer is:  because I don’t want to wear cargo pants when I’m on my morning jog, hiking, at the beach, on my bicycle, driving, lifting weights, or working out, etc. 

Function dictates form and that is why the Grab-it Pack is compatible with all forms of pants plus it holds items more SECURE and is far EASIER to access than cargo pants.

Using the “cargo” pocket of cargo pants causes your items to flop around whenever you move and more likely to fall out.  This doesn’t happen with a Grab-it Pack.  The large pocket has fasteners as well as a buckle which is added protection for your items.  The ergonomic design hugs your leg which prevents any flopping so you can enjoy your activities without being distracted by your wallet smacking into your leg every time you move.

Cargo pockets are lower on your leg while the Grab-it Pack is adjustable so it is easier and faster to access.

I'm not bashing cargo pants but I’m not going to buy a wardrobe of them just so I can carry my stuff from day to day.

Why not just use pockets?

Let me answer this question with some questions:

Ever have your cell phone in your pocket and need to access it while driving?  Do you like sitting on your wallet?  Do you like it when your keys are digging into your leg through your pants?  Do I need to go on?

The GRAB-IT PACK addresses all of these questions easier than any other product available.

Isn’t it just a glorified gun holster?

I’m not even sure what that means but the GRAB-IT PACK not only enables you to have freedom to move while you’re wearing it but you have the freedom to put whatever will fit in it.  Some of my customer own hand guns and use it for this purpose.  On the other hand, some of my customers say it is ideal for the Nerf Maverick. 

You are only limited by your imagination and my customers are VERY imaginative.

I, as well as my customers have worn this to concerts, sporting events, amusement parks, and through airport security only to be asked where they could purchase one!!!!

As for “just get a man purse”….

I'm shocked someone would ever admit to using one.


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