Down but not out!!!

Thanks to all who provided me with kind words after the START-UP NATION HOME BASED 100 “contest” pulled the rug out from under me.  According to the votes I came in third in the MOST INNOVATIVE category and second in the SLACKER FRIENDLY (items that make your life easier) category BUT the “judges” decided to give me an honorable mention instead. 

I get a banner to post on my site (which is basically another ad for SUN).  Do you think I will use it?

To add insult to injury the e-mail blast revealing the winners did not use the private “BCC” mode of delivery therefore my mailbox has been filling up with spam all day.

Well over a thousand of you visited the START UP NATION site and that’s all this contest was for…site hits.  As a matter of fact, FEW of the actual winners received a lot of votes or even promoted their contest entry like me and the other top vote recipients.   I don’t care to get to the bottom of it but I hope you will join me in avoiding the site for good.

Now that that rug has been taken to the garbage dump right next to THE BIG IDEA, AS SEEN ON TV, and the countless others (see earlier blog) I am stepping onto another.

The DIY Channel has a contest for the “COOLEST TOOLS” and I entered the GRAB-IT PACK and you can check it out here

This is a one-time thing.  Give it a rating and a comment.

If you’re a new customer, leave a comment mentioning you just bought one and I’ll give you $5 off each item you order.

Once again I can’t thank you enough for taking the time out of your busy lives to help me out. 

All I want to know is if any of you have a magic carpet I can borrow?


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  • 11/29/2008 7:46 AM Jerry wrote:
    I just began walking dogs for the local animal shelter. I carry bags for clean up, treats, my cell phone in case a dog gets loose, hankies (it's getting cold), and it's a real pain to dig things out of pockets. I'm a new customer and eager to try the grab it pack out for dog walking and for fly fishing. I've already told fishing friends, and I can't wait to show the other dog walkers.
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  • 12/5/2008 9:09 PM don wrote:
    a gear freak putting in an order.

    oh... my payment address was snowball7277 @
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  • 12/11/2008 1:14 PM Ed McFadden wrote:
    I saw this on DIY's coolest tools and was amazed. What a really great idea. I watched the video and followed the links to your site. I've read the blogs and Laughed at some of the ridicules comments and reviews. Just a question. What have they invented lately? "Those that can do, and those that cant critize. I plan to order one soon and am sure I will love it
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    1. 12/11/2008 9:42 PM GrabitPack wrote:
      Thanks for your comments Ed!!!

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  • 12/30/2008 6:29 PM Paul Smith wrote:
    I just purchased 2 of the Grabit Packs. I have been looking for something to use on airplanes when I fly, which has been a great deal lately, and when I ride my bike. Taking short day trips on my bike requires a little forethought on what to take. The Grabit Pack looks like it will solve this problem. Taking things on an airplane requires I know just what I will need in flight out of my carry on, then things fall on the floor, under the seat in front, etc. Now thing i need will be right in place and easy to access. Great idea, wish I had thought of it.
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  • 1/16/2009 3:52 PM Robert Pittelkow wrote:
    Read your blob. Sometimes life isn't fair but keep trying. Had 4 businesses before one was successful. I'm looking forward to trying the bag in the saddle. Appreciate the $5 discount.
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  • 3/5/2009 7:25 AM Robert (Bob) Pittelkow wrote:
    Just returned from a 4200 mile driving trip with my right-side grabitpack. Worked very well --- no back aches from a twisted back caused by a plastic-loaded (no green backs) wallet. My chiropractor buddy hopes this thing doesn't catch on! One suggestion: The velcro strip on the cell phone pocket should be longer to close on smaller phones. I'm ordering a left side pack now so that my right-side pocket is free for change and my little pocket knife. Great job!
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  • 3/11/2009 2:23 PM Ron wrote:
    I ordered one about two weeks ago--ended up giving it to my dad and ordering another. You ship faster than anyone I've ever ordered from!

    I bought it to try out for nursing and on the motorcycle. Still working on an approved packing list Love it so far though.
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  • 6/6/2009 8:30 PM Anne wrote:
    I would have loved to have this on my shelf to sell at my now-closed tool sales/repair facility. Suggest you get a few tool manufacturer AND cycle repair shop catlogues & market direct to the indepent owners. Looks like a good seller to me. I would not be surprised to see it in HomeDepot or Lowes stores, & it would have been a good Father's Day gift idea; have you contacted LL BEAN? Good luck. You need to get it out there before you can sell it. It looks like a winner to me.
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