I've got your Virus!

Most viruses suck.  Although the computer kind does not leave you in bed with the desire to load up on Nyquil, they are aggravating enough to drive you to drowning your woes through it’s Jagermeister cousin.  Such is what happened to me last week only I’m trying to be more creative with how to handle the situation.


The Monday after arriving in Pennsylvania to visit family and exploring possible publicity options during the THUNDER IN THE VALLEY biker rally,   Unfortunate for me, I couldn’t access my site to fix it since I was away from my workstation but I contacted my hosting provider to pinpoint the cause and took measures to prevent this from happening again and thankfully I keep back-ups.  This could have been a fluke from a hacker or a planned cowardly act from someone I know or knows me.  Either way it’s given me the opportunity to re-work my site (which you will see in a few days of this post).


During this week the GRAB-IT PACK was featured on the bike builder video-cast at www.kickstarttv.com


Warren did a great presentation and if you are a motorcycle enthusiast, you need to be a subscriber to this show.  It’s the most professional shows I’ve seen online and not annoying like some of those chopper builder shows on cable.


A few months ago I overlooked a review that was presented on www.createthedream.com which is a website dedicated to Small Business information, inspiration, and innovation.  I highly recommend this site for those interested in starting their own business and keeping ahead of news in the small business world.  They provide POSITIVE, USEFUL information and don’t try to reel you in by joining a “community” or scam you with roundabout ways to promote their website.  Read the article below that I am very proud of which appeared in their magazine.


This brings me to wanting a BIG VIRUS that is going to knock me flat on my back in the form of the evolving Viral Marketing campaign that I rely upon for sales of the GRAB-IT PACK.  Although it’s not the pandemic that I am looking for it is building thanks to customers’ word of mouth and across the board AMAZING reviews I receive from publicity.  This is the most honest form of advertising out there and I’ve got you to thank for it.


Keep spreading the virus!




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  • 8/3/2009 11:49 AM Simon wrote:
    I got that same error when visiting your site about a month ago. I'm glad it's back up and running, and will be ordering my first Grabi-It Pack later this month (in preparation for going back to college).

    Just need to make sure it'll fit. *chuckles*
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