Official Blog of Grab-it Pack the ULTIMATE Access Pack: Recent Commentshttp://blog.grabitpack.comQuick BlogcastSun, 17 Oct 2010 07:45:20 GMTComment on Summer 2009 Update's a great idea! As a rider myself, and having gifted the grabit pack to a rider for just such a purpose, I highly recommend the grabit pack for a great place to stow your smaller gear like glasses and cellphones on rides around town. The pack itself is really nice looking and has a really good build quality, too!, 22 Dec 2009 20:30:53 GMTComment on Welcome THINK GEEK!!! we are honored that THINK GEEK carries the Grab-it Pack,  they chose not to carry the long strap models at this time.  Perhaps if they received enough requests they could be persuaded <img src="" border="0" /><br>, 18 Nov 2009 17:34:33 GMTComment on Welcome THINK GEEK!!! need to carry the long strap version .. why dont they have it ?;-(, 18 Nov 2009 05:04:29 GMTComment on I've got your Virus! got that same error when visiting your site about a month ago. I'm glad it's back up and running, and will be ordering my first Grabi-It Pack later this month (in preparation for going back to college).<br> <br>Just need to make sure it'll fit. *chuckles*, 03 Aug 2009 18:49:55 GMTComment on Summer 2009 Update News OnlineHave you tried marketing the Grab-it Pack to the motorcycle community? There are a lot of guys who ride bikes that don't have any storage. A lot of guys end up wearing backpacks instead. Try showing it to Cycle Gear or Renegade Classics., 22 Jun 2009 04:42:43 GMTComment on Down but not out!!! would have loved to have this on my shelf to sell at my now-closed tool sales/repair facility. Suggest you get a few tool manufacturer AND cycle repair shop catlogues & market direct to the indepent owners. Looks like a good seller to me. I would not be surprised to see it in HomeDepot or Lowes stores, & it would have been a good Father's Day gift idea; have you contacted LL BEAN? Good luck. You need to get it out there before you can sell it. It looks like a winner to me., 07 Jun 2009 03:30:20 GMTComment on Down but not out!!! ordered one about two weeks ago--ended up giving it to my dad and ordering another. You ship faster than anyone I've ever ordered from!<br> <br>I bought it to try out for nursing and on the motorcycle. Still working on an approved packing list :-) Love it so far though., 11 Mar 2009 21:23:18 GMTComment on Down but not out!!! (Bob) PittelkowJust returned from a 4200 mile driving trip with my right-side grabitpack. Worked very well --- no back aches from a twisted back caused by a plastic-loaded (no green backs) wallet. My chiropractor buddy hopes this thing doesn't catch on! One suggestion: The velcro strip on the cell phone pocket should be longer to close on smaller phones. I'm ordering a left side pack now so that my right-side pocket is free for change and my little pocket knife. Great job!, 05 Mar 2009 14:25:57 GMTComment on Down but not out!!! PittelkowRead your blob. Sometimes life isn't fair but keep trying. Had 4 businesses before one was successful. I'm looking forward to trying the bag in the saddle. Appreciate the $5 discount., 16 Jan 2009 22:52:48 GMTComment on Appearing on the BIG IDEA urangai just ordered this product, i am an rn and i am tired of getting my lab coat full of things at work...always misplacing my pens, markers and my scissors, not anymore. thanks!!, 04 Jan 2009 06:49:03 GMT