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Meet #8

Even though my return policy has been clearly stated on my website I've never really enforced it.  Mostly I've had few return requests and any manufacture errors are quickly resolved. That exception has been building the past few weeks.

What makes this even more ridiculous is that this is over a $4 transaction.  She purchased one CLINCH WALLET and recieved 10% off her order and I included an additional free wallet (Holiday special).

Below are the email exchanges (I've deleted the person's contact information):

From: On Behalf Of yael
Sent: Thursday, January 02, 2014 1:00 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Re: Receipt for Your Payment to Grab-it Pack Products

hi there-

I received my wallets in the mail but the credit cards do not fit in the slots for them--they are not big enough to fit standard credit cards.

I'd like a refund.



YG  Freelance Writer

On Thu, Jan 2, 2014 at 7:04 PM, Grab-it Pack <[email protected]> wrote:

I’ve never had that problem.  They are supposed to be snug.  I sent two wallets so try the other.

If it is a manufacturer error I will replace it.

Louis Kiss


n Thu, Jan 2, 2014 at 8:10 PM, y wrote:

They both do the same thing. Also, the squares aren't even cut properly and aren't the same size.

Y G  Freelance Writer

From:On Behalf Of yael
Sent: Wednesday, January 08, 2014 8:24 PM
To: Grab-it Pack

Subject: Re: Receipt for Your Payment to Grab-it Pack Products


Can I mail these both back for a refund? I can't use them.

Y G  Freelance Writer


On Wed, Jan 8, 2014 at 10:49 PM, Grab-it Pack <[email protected]> wrote:

I only accept returns for manufacture errors as stated on my return policy but as long as you return them in the shape as I sent them to you I’ll give you a refund minus 15% restocking fee.

From: On Behalf Of yael
Sent: Wednesday, January 08, 2014 10:28 PM
To: Grab-it Pack
Subject: Re: Receipt for Your Payment to Grab-it Pack Products

Wait, let me get this straight. Not only do I have to pay shipping to return your subpar product, I have to pay a restocking fee? 

This would make an interesting article.

Y Freelance Writer


Restocking fees are pretty standard.  It would have cost her 60 cents.  I would then have to post this item on ebay for $1 or I would have donated it to a charity.

Just when I thought this problem was resolved she turns me into Paypal where she claims she received a defective item and wants the full amount as a refund (she wants the shipping cost refunded now).  This is coming from someone who claims to be a professional writer.   "Believe nothing of what you read and half of what you see" takes on a whole new perspective for me.

Jerk #7 was a kid.  He has an excuse.  He has very little life experience while having his parents battle fights he picked, but #8 is an adult!. 

Some people just have too much time on their hands and it is a shame that even though I gave her what she asked for she still can't be nice.  It vexes me.

January 23 2014 UPDATE:

Paypal's decision was in my favor:

"Thank you for your cooperation in this case. After careful review, the case has been resolved. Due to your PayPal account history, we have determined that your account will not be debited for the amount of this claim."

Small Business Scam Alert

Running a small business has an incredible amount of rewards such as meeting customers that love the product, seeing unexpected reviews in top publications and blogs, and of course being discovered by distributors interested in carrying your product.  However there is a seedy and smarmy side that likes to prey on the hopes of "making it big".  I've worked in the film business for the past 20 years so this isn't my first time to the rodeo when it comes to people like this but they are incredibly slick in their presentation.

I received a phone call this morning from a "producer" of a show called "Breakthrough" which is hosted by Martin Sheen and seemed very interested in producing a segment on me even when I told them I operate a home based business with no employees.  It then occurred to me she was reading from a script and things weren't adding up as she continued to recite.

During the script reading she said it would cost me around $28,500 for me to produce this segment.  At this time I told her to never waste my time again and they are just as bad as product inventor schemes advertised.  She assured me my product was worth talking about and I'm "on their radar."  I responded with, "take me off of it."

I get the same chain letters and phone calls from the same "inventor product specialists" and so-called "as seen on tv" specialists every month.  There story is all the same: pay them enormous amounts of money and they can make your product the hottest thing since the discovery of fire.  My response is always "if I had that kind of money I would invest in my product even more, do a few conventions, pay myself for my efforts and perhaps hire help while owning 100% of my business."  They never know how to respond.

Below are the details I found on this particular scam.  I wonder how they scammed Martin Sheen into this?  Then again Charlie is his son so the apple must not have fallen from the tree.

I hope this prevents fellow Small Business Owners from wasting their valuable time and money.

Before anyone jumps at this, check this Washington Post article out.

They are operating as both Breakthroughs with Martin Sheen, and InFocus with Martin Sheen.  If you have any doubt about their authenticity, or lack thereof, check out who they claim to use as a distributor:  "Public Television Distributors, Inc.".  They claim that this company has distributed shows like National Geographic, going back 56 years.  If you go the website for that company, you will find a beautiful, high production quality website, and a beautiful picture of a building supposedly in Burbank.    The phone number gives you two choices: Choice 1 "Distribution" takes you to a timed loop and then leave a message; Choice 2 "Accounting" takes you to an invalid choice message.  The website's domain "" was only created and first registered in 2011 (odd for a 56 year old established company in the media business).  And there is no record of such a corporation in California, New York, Florida, Illinois, Delaware, or Arizona.  It is clearly a front set up to cover a loose end for the scammers in Boca Raton.


One of their promises is that they will get your "show" on public television stations.  However public television station policy is generally to run any program that is "pay to play".  Their so called airing schedule is completely bogus, and out of date.  Ask them when they have actually run a program on a public television station in a major market. 


They also promise your program will run 400 times on cable television in major markets on channels like CNBC, MSNBC, CNN or channels of your choice.  Think about it though.  They could not possibly do that for less than hundreds of thousands of dollars of air time.  Those cable channels are not giving away their air time.  Selling ad time is how they make money.


Also, think about their pitch:  I'll bet they told you they were in a hurry because they were closing out their program on this subject, which just happens to be in your area of expertise. (They may not have called you saying they wanted sell you on the idea of you paying for a program.  Instead they probably said they were looking for experts in the subject.  Then, after they get you turned around to thinking you want to do this, for about $25,000 to $30,000, they need all their money up front.  Let me assure you, no legitimate producer in the video industry gets all their money up front.  There is almost always a payment schedule, with payments due at successive steps (on signing, script completion, shooting, etc.) with a holdback for final delivery.


I am sure they will produce you a quick knock it out production.  But they want to make sure they have all your money before you realize that the rest of their promises were a total sham.  And then good luck getting your money back.


I do not know why Martin Sheen has apparently not tried to stop them.  I think he is more reputable than that.  My guess is that he got snookered into some quick production deal, including the use of his name, and is now afraid of a lawsuit for breaking the contract.  Who knows.


Advice:  Say "Thanks, but NO THANKS", and then tell them to never contact anyone at your organization again.

Caller: Breakthroughs and InFocus with Martin Sheen

Call Type: Telemarketer

Meet Jerk #7

 I've often been told whenever there are manufacture errors, shipping problems beyond my control, and even mistakes I have made that they are handled with courtesy and excellent customer service.

However there are people that can never be pleased and are completely unreasonable.  Out of thousands of orders I have had 6 of these types until this weekend I now have 7.

Since incidents like this are few and far between I'm going to post this correspondence since I find it fair to present the bad reviews as well as some of the many positive reviews of my product.

In this instance I mistakenly sent the REGULAR GRAB-IT PACK SET instead of the ULTRA SET that the customer ordered.  I have deleted his personal information.

From: Andy A
Sent: Saturday, March 09, 2013 2:02 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: wrong product sent.

Ordered the ULTRA set but got the regular ones instead.

I am totally disappointed. 

From: [email protected]
Subject: RE: wrong product sent.
Date: Sat, 9 Mar 2013 18:32:06 -0800

Send me pix please

Louis Kiss


From: Andy A
Sent: Saturday, March 09, 2013 7:14 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: RE: wrong product sent.


they don't have the clips on the smaller pockets and they're flimsy.

From: [email protected]
Subject: RE: wrong product sent.
Date: Sat, 9 Mar 2013 20:41:56 -0800

That is an accident and sorry about that.  Please send them back to me via priority mail and let me know the cost and tracking number.  I will refund your shipping and send you the proper items.

From: Andy A
Sent: Saturday, March 09, 2013 9:53 PM
To: [email protected]
Cc: Julie A
Subject: RE: wrong product sent.

I never had to pay for return shipping before. most business would email me a prepaid label to use and they come to me to pick up. Now I have to make an extra trip to the Post Office then wait another week for my order? Look at the history of this email, look at all your replies, then tell me how YOU would feel about customer service? You should just let me have these a gift for all the problems. The post office is out of the way so give me a few days to send them back.



From: [email protected]
Subject: RE: wrong product sent.
Date: Sun, 10 Mar 2013 09:41:32 -0700

I’m not a multimillionaire corporation and I have been politely answering your emails during the weekend as well as admitting to a mistake however I see an apology as well as the remedy will  not make you happy.

Keep them and I will refund your money.

From: Andy A
Sent: Sunday, March 10, 2013 10:49 AM
To: [email protected]
Cc: Julie A
Subject: RE: wrong product sent.

Is that a joke? Is that your answer??? Of course I am NOT HAPPY!!! My friends and family also thinks you have a cocky attitude. Maybe it is natural for you. I am very upset with your service and I would really rather have had the ultra version too. The regular one is cheaply made with weak clips and thin fabric. Even the waist and leg belt seems flimsy. There's a tag that says "Made in China". But as a business person, not a millionaire,  you don't realize the problem YOU created and how word of mouth travels fast on the internet. No this is not a threat but the facts are in black and white and a picture says a thousand words. YES, you admitted to a mistake (that at first you doubted). ALL other businesses that I have worked with never treats their customers in this manner. "Send me pix please", "That is an accident and sorry about that." Now ask your mother what is wrong with these sentences? All I have to do is publish your email, in a blog, the way it is. See what others may think? And last of all, what remedy are you talking about? Nothing was fixed. All I got was nothing but a cheaply made belt pack that I can show off to friends.

I am sorry that you feel offended from your actions and that I could not get the product that I properly ordered. Was treated as a liar and then I got a really bad excuse and an apology. Then to add salt to the wound you make more excuses that your customer can't take a joke. Please review the history of our conversation and tell me if it was you, would you be HAPPY with this shopping experience?

International Shipping Changes

Due to the RIDICULOUS price increase for International Shipping I can no longer ship via Airmail.  I must increase the cost of shipping to $25 for one item (additional items postage will increase).

Shipping will now be INTERNATIONAL PRIORITY MAIL only.  Items will arrive quicker this way and costs a few dollars more than Airmail.

Due to the increase in postage I can no longer maintain a cost effective international delivery method nor purchase the additional supplies needed.  INTERNATIONAL PRIORITY MAIL provide me with shipping supplies and is the most cost effective method I can currently come up with.

I am tremendously sorry for this as I know it will affect my Non-US based customers but this is beyond my control and I have given this plenty of consideration after losing a considerable amount of money this quarter due to USPS shipping changes.

These terms are in effect now.


This is quite a milestone for me since yesterday marked the fifth year since the introduction of the GRAB-IT PACK.  Every year has been met with nearly double the success of the previous year.  Thanks to you I've sold over 15,000 units since launching!!!

Although at times it is extremely hectic it has also been extremely rewarding when communicating with awesome customers and dealers.

As is tradition, I hope to launch a new version of the product this year in the form of alternate colors.  I have a list of customer requests but if you have any suggestions, please post in the comments or email me.

I am still working on finding an email server in order to stay in contact with my customers and provide discounts and specials so in the meantime stay in touch on FACEBOOK HERE

Be sure to stop by my table at MONSTERPALOOZA this April.  I'll be at Table 76 and hope to see you there!!!

The TABLET PACK and new reviews!

It's almost back to school time and the smell of pumpkins.  My favorite time of the year.  Even though it's just near the end of July I've been seeing Halloween stuff in stores.  Right now that is a bit premature even for me and it's my favorite holiday.

However, just in time for this Season is my newest invention: the TABLET PACK

After purchasing an iPad for myself and hating accessing it from a backpack, inventing this was a no brainer.  While prototyping I discovered a method to allow sitting down with an iPad in the Tablet Pack easy and comfortable.  I'm having FREE SHIPPING until the end of July on the Tablet Pack site only.

Toward the end of this month the Clinch Wallet site will be taken down and available only on the Grab-it Pack site.  I'm getting too many sites to maintain so I need to cut back

I want to mention two reviews that I am very proud of:

"Capt. Pike" is in the early stages of ALS and he was very kind to provide me with his insights on how he uses my products and post them on his blog:

Clinch Wallet review

Grab-it Pack Review

I'm really honored by his reviews and that something I created helps make his unfortunate situation a little more easy to manage.  I wish you the best Captain!

Awesome product that I love

I want to take an opportunity to tell you about a product I love.  It's called the UTILIKILT

When I first launched my business someone posted my product on a forum and one of the responses included a link to the Utility Kilt's site.  I've watched their business grow and have become a fan and a user since I picked up the Mocker Utilikilt at Comic Con 2011  This is where I got to try one on and I've been hooked ever since.

Yesterday I attended the WONDER CON in Anaheim and picked up the Workman's Utilikilt.  This thing is so heavy duty and I can't wait to use it!

I've seen them at two conventions and they have awesome customer service (plus they gave me a lot of kudos on the GRAB-IT PACK ULTRA I was wearing and asked for business cards

I highly recommend their products and if you're a naysayer to something like this all I can say is, "you need to try one on first."  I think they are a pretty bad ass piece in my practical warrior clothing arsenal.

Check out their products HERE and tell them I sent you!

CES 2012

This year I had the privilege of being invited to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and was able to attend on Friday which was the last day of the event.  Throughout the previous week I carefully planned who I wanted to visit and get a feel for possibly having a GRAB-IT PACK PRODUCTS booth in 2013

In an event I can only call “serendipity” I saw a posting on Twitter with a link to the World’s first ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE STORE which is located in Las Vegas.  Since I was going to be in town I wrote them an email stating I am a makeup effects artist that has played a Zombie in numerous films and that my product would be PERFECT for their store.  The night before leaving I received an email that told me to “stop on by!”

While perusing the CES booth catalog I noticed a few carrying case lines attending and to my surprise a product similar to mine was also there.  Since I never saw their product other than online I was excited to see what they were all about.

I’m not going to mention their name for reasons that will become obvious as you read this story.

The ride from Los Angeles to Vegas went well and I enjoyed catching up on podcasts that were months old and taking up space on my iPod.  Traffic was extremely light early in the morning and I arrived at 11am to find one last parking space directly across from the Convention Center.  My daughter would have said, “Rock star parking!”

After getting my badge that had my name and GRAB-IT PACK PRODUCTS printed on it, I noticed I was being stared at by a gentlemen standing next to me at the tram stop to the main room.  He asked me what the Grab-it Pack was and I showed him.  He then went on to say, “You emailed me the other night, I own the Zombie Apocalypse Store!”

This was an amazing coincidence and we spoke the whole bus ride which made me really excited to see his store.  I got directions and hoped I would get the chance to stop by after the show.

Upon entering the main floor I visited the booths with the carrying bags.  Everything was impractical, high fashion, and overly priced.  Nothing I would even consider competition since it is an entirely different league.

Eventually I arrived at the booth I specifically wanted to see.  The display was mediocre at best and when I saw their products up close I couldn’t believe the amount of money they charge.  However if there was one thing I was jealous of, it was their ability to advertise and market to the masses.  THAT is why they charge so much!

I carefully examined them at length and then decided it was time to speak with the booth attendant.  A few seconds passed as I tried to vie his attention from his infatuation with reading an instruction manual of some sort.  I introduced myself and stated we sale items to mutual distributers.  He stated he was a marketer for the main company and that I needed to have one product per year in order for them to have any interest in my company.

I noticed he wasn’t even paying attention to me anymore and I stated, “I can handle that.”  I don’t think he heard me and I couldn’t understand the reason for his attitude since no one was in the booth.

He then asked me, “Do you like looking at naked girls?”  I only responded with a perplexed look and a painful reminder that I did see the movie SHOWGIRLS when it opened.  Does he think I’m like Nomi Malone?  That’s the main character in the movie, a bumpkin type that just fell off the turnip truck in the big city.  I just saved you the pain of searching out this horrible film in order to understand my ridiculous comparison.

He began to slightly escort me out of the booth while he said, “There is a DJ down this way and go right where the music is loud.  There are some near naked hot girls dancing around.”

I looked at him even more perplexed and all I could gather after being so astounded by the absurdity of the situation was, “Ok? Thanks?”  Is this why “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”?  He turned his back on me quickly and got back to reading.

The time was passing slow and I was pretty much done with the trade show at this point so I called the Zombie Apocalypse store and arranged a meet up time in 45 minutes.

Right up the street from TREASURE ISLAND I found the destination and had a blast checking out the store.  Customers were all asking me about what I was wearing.  Mike the owner proudly stated, “That’s his product and we are now carrying it!”

I left his store with a cool t-shirt and made new friends with similar interests.  On my drive home I realized I had an overall better business experience with someone who was genuine, honest, and proud of their business rather than someone that pumped thousands of dollars into a booth.

I’m sure the booth did well due to their exposure but customer service and just plain awesomeness is something that can’t be patented.  Worse yet, it’s hard to recover from someone that just treated you like a tool.

Customer list is down for now

The battle with Godaddy's email marketing program has come to an end and thanks to 4 morons that reported me as a spammer I no longer have a way to directly email my customers.

Until I can find a way to stay in contact, please check out the FACEBOOK page.

There you can find upcoming special offers, promotions, new retailers, and NEW products for 2012 however I will not be posting coupons or special links for discounts.  It is not fair to my loyal customers that have assisted in making the Grab-it Pack such a success.

To the thousands of my customers on my email list I want to thank you and I am sorry that Godaddy has really lame policies where 4 people can ruin something for so many and make a rapidly growing small business have to deal with a ridiculous situation.

Thanks but I do not spam

Many of you are aware of the GRAB-IT PACK newsletter which mentions new products, special discounts, sales, and product news.  Since I have quite a few customers on this list the newsletter is released via my GoDaddy email Marketing service.  It is the only option I am aware of since I cannot use a typical email program (I wish) due to the limit of emails allowed to be sent per day.

The ONLY way to get on my customer list is to subscribe or buy a product DIRECTLY from the Grab-it Pack website.  It is the ONLY way I can stay in contact with customers regarding past orders and provide customer service.  I DO NOT SALE OR GIVE AWAY THIS LIST!  It is for GRAB-IT PACK PRODUCTS customer service purposes only.

In every newsletter I explain how to be removed from this list but it disappoints me that a few customers have reported the newsletter as spam. 

Due to GoDaddy's vague spam definition and in order to prevent the disruption or complete annihilation of my customer database all new customers and contacts will receive this note at the bottom of their email:

Please reply with the word “REMOVE” in order to prevent further emails regarding GRAB-IT PACK PRODUCTS and your order.  WE NEVER SALE OR GIVE AWAY YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS OR INFORMATION.  Removing your email from our database will prevent you from receiving special offers and discounts and it will not allow you communication with our company should you experience any problems with your order.

It is encouraging that out of the thousands of pleased customers I have only 5 people who want to make issues.  I won't let these few ruin it for the satisfied customers who do everything right and enjoy seeing a small business flourish.  Trust me, if GoDaddy revokes my service I will fight tooth and nail to get it all back.

Thanks to all my awesome customers.  Some of you have been with me from the beginning and some are brand new.  This year we have grown even bigger and will be presenting NEW PRODUCTS for 2012.  I owe it all to you.
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