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These Boots Are Made For Walking: My view of the Gulf Oil Spill

Contrary to popular belief starting your own business is easy.  It is the bureaucratic red tape you have to keep up with and making sure the monkeys with their hand out get their palm greased properly which is the frustrating part.

The process of developing my products from conception to market provided me with such a creative high that you could only imagine the buzz-kill I got when the government agencies that I never knew existed starting sending me letters regarding the paperwork I had to fill out and “fees” I had to pay.  All this of course is for consumer and my protection

Those that know me are aware of my interest in conspiracy theories. No I don’t believe them but it is the incredible creativity and thought process that goes into inventing these concoctions that fascinates me so bear with me I’m about to use them.

I despise politics and even worse politicians.  “Red tape” to me is political insurance to maintain their job security which leads me to believe that BP was playin’ where they shouldn’t been playin’ and someone was getting paid off to so they could.

It is hilarious to watch Politicians offering their lip service while playfully yelling at the BP CEO (who reminds me too much of MR. BEAN) while the talk show hosts cherry pick topics for ratings by blaming the Left and the Right for each other’s foibles.  However they fail to address the reason the clean-up and closing off the leak is taking so long…RED TAPE.

Red Tape is holding back Americans ingenuity and the oil spill is a prime example of how.  This is one situation where I love being a part of the effects industry.  We are presented with something the Director asks for and we figure out how to get it done and do it right.  There is very little paperwork.  A contract is written, we do our job, and checks get handed out.   The creative process drives us and this is why I have so much respect for Kevin Costner and James Cameron for stepping up to the plate with the bureaucrats who’s only way of thinking is “how can I make money of this and stay employed another term?”  Believe me…if they could keep up with the work ethic of filmmakers (average 14 or more hours per day, 8 hour turn around for the lucky, 6 days a week, day off is usually prepping for the next week) we would have solar powered flying cars and jet packs by now.

Although Kevin Costner is getting his shot I would love to see Cameron in charge.  Look up rumors of his behavior on set (and I know a few personal stories).  Filmmakers (and most creative jobs) have the mind set of getting things done while Washington has the mind set to provide the legalese to the process to get things done and they rarely get that right which is why the Gulf is such a mess right now.

It is hard for me to believe that this Global apartment we now live in that ONE PERSON doesn’t have a solution and that other countries have not offered their services to help clean.

The feeding frenzy of lawyers must be going over every bit of paperwork while those that have ideas to stop this can’t be heard and those that have equipment to help won’t get used.  The amount of paperwork that would lead up to ideas to be implemented and to make sure equipment is used properly must be staggering.  The red tape between using another country’s services must take weeks to go through and implement.  To make matters even worse is that I can only imagine the amount of help and ideas that ARE being offered which the corporations that control the U.S. government (lobbying is a kinder word for bribery folks) even ALLOW anyone to become aware of.

The Grab-it Pack and Clinch Wallet do not provide me with the same monetary satisfaction that oil has done for BP nor does my business require thousands of department divisions and employees so I can only imagine the red tape they must go through but I can see the actual scope of the situation and paperwork involved is preventing anything from getting taken care of.

I’m sure they have the solution but it’s stuck on the pile for review like a script reader scouring through pages to discover the next MEGA SHARK VS. GIANT OCTOPUS opus.  But instead of going into production it gets in line for bureaucratic process.  Unfortunately this is what also prevents small businesses from being successful.

Blaming BP, the President, and whoever else is involved is just a waste of oxygen because none of them have any idea what paper work should be filled out first.

Are you ready boots?  Start walkin’!

My new toy

Although I never thought I would ever "need" a smart phone...I went and purchased a Droid.  Now I don't know what my life would be like without it

Because of this I now find the GRAB-IT PACK indispensable.  The two are a perfect match.  Keeping the Droid in my pants pocket makes it incredibly difficult to access and really causes problems when driving but with the Grab-it Pack it is not an issue and this is why I now refer to it as the Ultimate Gadget Holster.

Now when someone says, "that looks like a holster"  I respond, "exactly." then access my Droid to show them the website where they can buy one.

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It’s our SECOND YEAR in business and thanks so much for your support!

These past two years have flown by and each month brought better news and even better reviews for the GRAB-IT PACK.

It has actually been difficult to keep up on inventory!

One of our most proud reviews is our spotlight in MACWORLD as one of the TOP 9 GIFTS TO GET THE MAC BUSINESSPERSON!!!  You can read it HERE

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Thanks again for your amazing support and please let me know of any reviews or blog posts I have missed…it’s starting to get difficult to keep up with them


2009 was a great year for the GRAB-IT PACK as momentum continues to grow and I want to thank all my awesome customers for that.

The US Post Office decided to raise priority mail rates for the second year in a row.  Last year I didn't adjust my shipping charges but this year I have to.  Even though the Post Office is not improving their service for the increase, I plan on offering larger refunds for repeat customers for my shipping increase.

The Grab-it Pack now offered is OFFICIALLY  Version 2.0 featuring stronger material and a smaller leg buckle.

2009 was also the launch of my latest invention THE CLINCH WALLET.  The reviews have all been positive and you can read the first online review HERE

Thanks again for all of your incredible support.  February will mark our SECOND year in business and I am expecting BIGGER things to happen in 2010!!!

Welcome THINK GEEK!!!

I am very proud to announce that THINKGEEK.COM now carries the Grab-it Pack!!! 

This is quite an honor to be asked to be a part of their product line.

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Off Road Magazine Review

This review appeared in OFF ROAD's "GREAT GIFTS FOR UNDER $100" article.

Off-Road vehicle riders love the Grab-it Pack for it's comfort and being out of the way while providing easy access to their items.  Items are also kept safe and secure while driving.

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Grappling Magazine feature

The GRAB-IT PACK was featured in the July 2008 issue of GRAPPLING MAGAZINE.  I have been practicing martial arts since I was 11 years old and my experience was integral in the development of this product.

This was a review for Version 1 so the price is slightly lower and the material is now made of polyester.

It was an honor to be recognized by this magazine.


I've got your Virus!

Most viruses suck.  Although the computer kind does not leave you in bed with the desire to load up on Nyquil, they are aggravating enough to drive you to drowning your woes through it’s Jagermeister cousin.  Such is what happened to me last week only I’m trying to be more creative with how to handle the situation.


The Monday after arriving in Pennsylvania to visit family and exploring possible publicity options during the THUNDER IN THE VALLEY biker rally,   Unfortunate for me, I couldn’t access my site to fix it since I was away from my workstation but I contacted my hosting provider to pinpoint the cause and took measures to prevent this from happening again and thankfully I keep back-ups.  This could have been a fluke from a hacker or a planned cowardly act from someone I know or knows me.  Either way it’s given me the opportunity to re-work my site (which you will see in a few days of this post).


During this week the GRAB-IT PACK was featured on the bike builder video-cast at


Warren did a great presentation and if you are a motorcycle enthusiast, you need to be a subscriber to this show.  It’s the most professional shows I’ve seen online and not annoying like some of those chopper builder shows on cable.


A few months ago I overlooked a review that was presented on which is a website dedicated to Small Business information, inspiration, and innovation.  I highly recommend this site for those interested in starting their own business and keeping ahead of news in the small business world.  They provide POSITIVE, USEFUL information and don’t try to reel you in by joining a “community” or scam you with roundabout ways to promote their website.  Read the article below that I am very proud of which appeared in their magazine.


This brings me to wanting a BIG VIRUS that is going to knock me flat on my back in the form of the evolving Viral Marketing campaign that I rely upon for sales of the GRAB-IT PACK.  Although it’s not the pandemic that I am looking for it is building thanks to customers’ word of mouth and across the board AMAZING reviews I receive from publicity.  This is the most honest form of advertising out there and I’ve got you to thank for it.


Keep spreading the virus!



Summer 2009 Update



Can you believe this year is nearly half over already?  2009 has been a tremendous improvement over last year.  During January through February I worked on Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN 2 and March through May I worked 6 days a week on TRON 2.  Sorry I can’t give any details on either of those films right now but it was great to be a part of both of those projects.


Now that my time has freed up somewhat as I await the “next big project” I can focus on getting the GRAB-IT PACK word out there.


I REALLY appreciated those of you who have written reviews on forums or blogs as well as telling your friends about my product.  Without you my product would not be picking up the steam that it has.  Please keep spreading the word and let me know where you’re posting because I always offer special discounts for your loyalty.


The GRAB-IT PACK received the official PATENT this past February which I am very proud of.  It’s funny how I’m receiving contacts from companies that will “make my product successful” and be “seen by millions” are starting to ooze out of their slime.  I’ve worked in Hollywood since 1993 and I’ve seen some slimy tactics but these are ridiculous.  At least in the film business, I’m able to meet the sharks face to face.


Be sure to check on ebay now and then for items I have up for auction.  I’ve been posting GRAB-IT PACKS that have been opened or samples at discount prices.  Since I’m a makeup effects artist I also have movie props and replicas I have created.  If you’re an X-Files or Wolverine fan, be sure to keep an eye out in the upcoming days.  My ebay ID is (of course):  GRABITPACK


That about sums it up for this year.   My goals are to keep plugging away and get the GRAB-IT PACK into some major retailers.


PS….I have no idea what’s going on with the DIY Network contest that should have ended in April.  The GRAB-IT PACK video is still among the highest views.  Thanks to all that have castvotes and comments.  Apparently you can still vote



Down but not out!!!

Thanks to all who provided me with kind words after the START-UP NATION HOME BASED 100 “contest” pulled the rug out from under me.  According to the votes I came in third in the MOST INNOVATIVE category and second in the SLACKER FRIENDLY (items that make your life easier) category BUT the “judges” decided to give me an honorable mention instead. 

I get a banner to post on my site (which is basically another ad for SUN).  Do you think I will use it?

To add insult to injury the e-mail blast revealing the winners did not use the private “BCC” mode of delivery therefore my mailbox has been filling up with spam all day.

Well over a thousand of you visited the START UP NATION site and that’s all this contest was for…site hits.  As a matter of fact, FEW of the actual winners received a lot of votes or even promoted their contest entry like me and the other top vote recipients.   I don’t care to get to the bottom of it but I hope you will join me in avoiding the site for good.

Now that that rug has been taken to the garbage dump right next to THE BIG IDEA, AS SEEN ON TV, and the countless others (see earlier blog) I am stepping onto another.

The DIY Channel has a contest for the “COOLEST TOOLS” and I entered the GRAB-IT PACK and you can check it out here

This is a one-time thing.  Give it a rating and a comment.

If you’re a new customer, leave a comment mentioning you just bought one and I’ll give you $5 off each item you order.

Once again I can’t thank you enough for taking the time out of your busy lives to help me out. 

All I want to know is if any of you have a magic carpet I can borrow?

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