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Appearing on the BIG IDEA

Recently I was asked to be a part of the TV show THE BIG IDEA on CNBC.   The topic is on new business ventures during mid-life (I turn 40 on June 20

The producers scheduled to do a web cam question and I prepared to use my new laptop with a built in webcam.  This laptop uses Windows Vista

Minutes before taping we discovered my Vista webcam software is not compatible with their Net meeting software.

I assured them I could take care of it otherwise I wouldn't be on the show.  They gave me 1/2 hour.  My mission: buy and install a web cam on my XP desktop (queue music....)

Luckily for me, I live close to some shopping centers so I jumped into my truck.

As I pull out of my drive way I notice a truck hauling lumber COMPLETELY blocking the street and in no hurry to move.  I detour on to very busy Ventura Boulevard during morning crunch.

The red lights take an eternity and I finally make it to BEST BUY only to drive into the empty parking lot...they don't open for another hour.

I ran into CVS, they didn't have any. 

My saving grace was RADIO SHACK that opened at 9 am!!!  I got great customer service plus it was on sale!

As I pull into my driveway the BIG IDEA calls on my progress and I inform them I am seconds away from completing the mission. 

They keep me on hold as I fire up the desktop, install the software, and login.

They pick up the phone and I appear on screen!  SUCCESS!!!

All my nerves were spent so I wasn't nervous one bit during the taping

Those years spent as a runner for a high stress film industry effects company are paying off!!!

For those of you that know me, this story comes as no surprise because stuff like this ALWAYS happens to me!  Lucky for me, I love having a startup business and stories like this are going to make for a good book someday.

As of this writing the show has yet to air and I will keep everyone posted.  This is a huge break for me and I hope to return on the show as a guest.

Rug Surfing increases Endurance

How many times have you had the rug pulled out from under you?  For me, it’s been a fact of life.

Here are a few of my harshest career examples:


1.     During the early 90’s Jean Claude Van Damme was one of the biggest action stars.  DRAMA-LOGUE (a weekly casting paper for the film industry) posted an ad for a co-starring role in Van Damme’s film THE QUEST, so I (not my agent) sent a headshot and resume hoping to get an audition.


A few weeks passed and my agent notified me that they wanted me to audition for the part.  I arrived, did a videotaped cold reading, and thought it went very well.


A few weeks pass and I receive a call from my agent on a Thursday evening. “Are you ready to leave for Thailand for 6 months?” he asked. “You leave tomorrow.” I could only respond with, “what?”  He went on to ask if production called me two weeks ago to get everything in line (shots, passport, & contracts).  They didn’t.  It was his job to do coordinate with production and he didn’t do it.  I was devastated.


They went with another actor and I fired my agent immediately.  Consequently I discovered he lost his Screen Actors Guild agent signatory a few months later.


2.     I was offered a co-starring role on an episode of XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS only to lose it at the last second because they wanted someone taller.


3.     During a television production filming in Mexico I was offered an acting position that would last 6 month (a LOT of money), only to be told at the last minute I would not be going.  I was later offered to go again but was canceled the day before I was to leave.  Eventually I was thrown a bone with 2 weeks of work.  Although I was grateful it was very hard to deal with.


4.     Just this week I was offered a week’s worth of work on a major film only to be notified this morning that it has been canceled.  This wouldn’t be so difficult but I’ve been out of work in the film industry for a month.  Situations like this are all too common anymore due to pending strikes or runaway productions (films that are schedule to film in the US only to pack up and move to non-US locations) or worse yet, people bad mouthing me in order to further their career.  It happens in every business.

The above is only the tip of the iceberg and you’ll have to wait for the book for the rest.

I’m sure many of you are thinking “you need to use THE SECRET”.   Although it is an inspiring book and movie, sometimes you’ve got to keep your feet on the ground and face the situation you’re in.   Wishful thinking won’t solve the problem of no income no matter much I say, “I receive unexpected checks in the mail.”

Some of you are asking, “Why are you even in the film business?”  Well, there is no business like it, none that I know anyway.

Aside from the many rugs pulled out from under me, there have been a few “magic carpets” like landing co-starring roles in:  The CW network’s ALIENS IN AMERICA pilot episode (now canceled ,  FROM DUSK TIL DAWN 3 (where I spent 2 months in BEAUTIFUL South Africa, worked with some great people, and got to hang out with models), plus appearing with Rob Zombie in his videos, photo shoots, and film HOUSE OF 1,000 CORPSES; and meeting some great people and experiencing the American Indian culture in Santa Fe, New Mexico during filming of THE GHOSTS OF MARS.  Working alongside: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ozzy Osbourne, Pam Grier, Jason Statham, Woody Harrelson, James Caan, John Carpenter, and many others are amazing.  These times make the low points forgettable.

How does this all tie into the Grab-it Pack®?

Primarily dealing with people who bad mouth the product just by looking at the website, retail stores who won’t return calls or meet with me, trying to get exposure for my product from media outlets who won’t give you the time of day without a publicist, and in general starting a business and dealing with all the “red tape”.

You would be surprised how many emails I get from people wanting a free sample or wholesale prices WITHOUT having a business or plans on reviewing it.  I even had a French blogger return my product destroyed because I asked for the free sample back if he wasn’t going to review it.  Recently there have been some forums where people bash the hell out of me (some people REALLY need to get a life) and some jerks even mock the charity Operation Mend where I donate a portion of my sales.   I’d be a liar if I said it didn’t bother me but I’ve dealt with worse throughout my career.  These arm chair quarter-backs are no match for some of the sharks I’ve had to deal with in the film business but as PT Barnum said, “there’s no such thing as bad publicity.”

What makes me keep on going?

I have the best friends and customers anyone could ask for.  I’ve had nothing but pure honesty from my customers and bloggers (who have actually USED the Grab-it Pack ®, all the blogs making fun of it NEVER purchased one OR received a sample).

You have no idea how great it feels when someone loves something I’ve made or I receive a sale due to word of mouth.  The gratification is instant and nothing could be more appreciative to a business. 

Even though I am not at the level of retiring from the film industry, selling a product I believe in and that my CUSTOMERS LOVE makes it all worthwhile.

Benefits of the Grab-it Pack

As some of you know, I work as a Special Makeup Effects Artist.  In an attempt to be clever, people will say to me, “I bet you have fun on Halloween” or they will see one of my monster creations as say, “that looks like my (insert: mother-in-law, ex-wife, etc. here)”.

Although our website has been on line for a few months, a few issues have been posted on internet forums regarding the actual use of the GRAB-IT PACK.

Statements like:  “why not just wear cargo pants”, “just use pockets”,  “it looks too much like a gun holster” or even worse “just get a man purse” are being posted more often as our product gains more internet exposure.

I have no issues with people trying to be clever but when posts like this happen this early in the game, it needs to be addressed.

Why not just wear cargo pants?

The common sense answer is:  because I don’t want to wear cargo pants when I’m on my morning jog, hiking, at the beach, on my bicycle, driving, lifting weights, or working out, etc. 

Function dictates form and that is why the Grab-it Pack is compatible with all forms of pants plus it holds items more SECURE and is far EASIER to access than cargo pants.

Using the “cargo” pocket of cargo pants causes your items to flop around whenever you move and more likely to fall out.  This doesn’t happen with a Grab-it Pack.  The large pocket has fasteners as well as a buckle which is added protection for your items.  The ergonomic design hugs your leg which prevents any flopping so you can enjoy your activities without being distracted by your wallet smacking into your leg every time you move.

Cargo pockets are lower on your leg while the Grab-it Pack is adjustable so it is easier and faster to access.

I'm not bashing cargo pants but I’m not going to buy a wardrobe of them just so I can carry my stuff from day to day.

Why not just use pockets?

Let me answer this question with some questions:

Ever have your cell phone in your pocket and need to access it while driving?  Do you like sitting on your wallet?  Do you like it when your keys are digging into your leg through your pants?  Do I need to go on?

The GRAB-IT PACK addresses all of these questions easier than any other product available.

Isn’t it just a glorified gun holster?

I’m not even sure what that means but the GRAB-IT PACK not only enables you to have freedom to move while you’re wearing it but you have the freedom to put whatever will fit in it.  Some of my customer own hand guns and use it for this purpose.  On the other hand, some of my customers say it is ideal for the Nerf Maverick. 

You are only limited by your imagination and my customers are VERY imaginative.

I, as well as my customers have worn this to concerts, sporting events, amusement parks, and through airport security only to be asked where they could purchase one!!!!

As for “just get a man purse”….

I'm shocked someone would ever admit to using one.

The NEW Grab-it Pack blog

Welcome to the new blog for my product-the Grab-it Pack.  An extraordinary amount of progress and changes have occurred since we launched in January 2008.

My work in the film industry has been shaky this year.  The Writer's strike didn't help and the looming potential actor's strike is close at hand.  Many thanks are owed to my loyal, satisfied customers and supporters that have purchased a Grab-it Pack and helped out with word-of-mouth promotion.

Thanks also go to my fellow co-workers for purchasing and using my product on the sets of CSI, HEROES, and the new Will Ferrell movie THE LAND OF THE LOST.

For those of you who wanted to see the Grab-it Pack in action can view the commercial on our website:

The online price will be $23 for a limited time so get them at this price while you can!

Since I have deleted the old blog, below is a re-post of how I came up with the idea for the Grab-it Pack. 

Thanks for your support and check back often.

Louis Kiss
Grab-it Pack, LLC

The History of the Grab-it Pack

Throughout the years I have always enjoyed being active outdoors.  Whether it is Mountain Biking, running, fishing, cycling, shooting, archery, sled riding, hiking, or just driving my car; every season brought new activities.

Since these are "activities" and require freedom of movement,  I needed a PRACTICAL place for my wallet and keys.

I never liked how keys dug into my legs through my pocket and carrying a wallet in my back pocket would always end up falling out.  Those huge chain wallets didn't do much good in my small pockets and usually hung from my belt loop.

All that was available for carrying my wallet and keys was a back pack, a fanny pack, or to wear cargo pants.

A back pack was fine if you're camping or going between classes at school but forget it if you wanted to access your wallet or keys quickly while you're on the go.

Fanny packs were popular in the 1980's but they flopped around anytime you moved.  What was worse was that in order to keep it from sliding around your waist you had to have it buckled so tight it would cut off circulation AND IT STILL DIDN'T HELP (plus they look silly).

Enter the Cell phone....

The addition of this item has caused another problem: 

Where do you put THIS for easy access?

Cell phone belt clips are ok but how many times has yours fallen off or pinched your skin?  Besides, you know what it's like when you're sitting in a car...your phone rings...and it's in your pocket.

One evening I was trying to relax and began to watch a show on the DISCOVERY CHANNEL about Police SWAT training  (I've always wanted to be in SWAT since that was one of my favorite TV shows when I was kid but I was too short.)  I was amazed at how these guys could be so active and draw and return their pistols so quick...

...and the light bulb clicked.

I cut out pictures of holsters from hunting and military catalogs and
did some drawings which I then placed in my desk for 7 years. 

So now it is 2007.  I've been through a tragic 2 years (you'll have to wait for the book for the details) and needed a new direction in life.  I remembered my favorite "million dollar idea" and re-discovered the drawings.

Cell phones have become even more popular and there hasn't been anything new on the market that prevents the problem of putting it in your pocket or purse. 
Back packs have become more stylish  but they are still cumbersome are not quickly accessible and fanny packs have become joke material.

I made mock ups out of butcher paper based on my drawings and wore them around my apartment.  This enabled me to tweak my design and make some adjustments.

The material I wanted it to be made out of had to be durable and take a beating.  At first I thought of leather but it would be too expensive.  I found heavy duty back pack material.  As fate would have it, the material I bought is water resistant.  Even better!

Although I have ok sewing skills (I worked in a bra factory during my summer and spring break college days) my work wasn't as clean as I wanted it to be.

I wanted my first sample to be the REAL DEAL   I passed my reference photos, paper mock up, and material along to a co-worker who is a costumer for the film industry.

A few weeks later I was presented with my product.

It was perfect!

I tried it on.  It hugged my leg and hung comfortably from my waist.

I placed my wallet, keys, and cell phone in the appropriate pockets.  Accessing them has never been easier or faster!

I rode my bike with it and it didn't rub against the seat.

I ran with it, I did squats, I did handstands, karate kicks, I jumped around like a crazy monkey!  It didn't move and the items stayed in their pockets!!!  It didn't buckle funny OR get in the way!

I think this is how the cavemen felt when one of them invented shoes!!!

The Grab-it Pack is now offered at my website so pick one up and take the frustration out of where to keep your stuff when you're on the go!

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