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We support US Troops


A portion of profits are donated to Operation Mend which provides reconstructive plastic

surgery for U.S. military personnel wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan.


"While at home I experimented with some of the different items I take with me to various events and locations. I managed to fit my Walther P99 pistol into the largest pouch and was impressed by the fit and ease of removal. A small travel packet of Kleenex, notepad and a packet of "5" gum fit into the velcro pocket just dandy. During my walks I was impressed that the pouch held a bottle of soda and did not pull/sag at my waist or along my quad as my companions thought it might. The straps are well positioned to hold the load. Good design for what I did today. The small zippered pouch (in which I had placed a clamshell style cell phone and small Ronson lighter) was quite handy and only interfered with the operation of my Jeep's seatbelt slightly (but with some slight adjustments to the pocket's contents, it strapped across easily). There were several moments that I forgot I was wearing the Grab-it pack. I am looking forward to using this out at the family farm, Boy Scout events and treks around the Inland Northwest. I have been attempting to find a way to carry some additional "ready access" gear and this really fits the criteria I was using. Very great product."



Our Customers

Look who's using the Grab-it Pack


Great things are happening with our product and we owe it all to our satisfied customers!


Send us pictures that we can add to our website on HOW YOU USE THE GRABIT PACK and receive a discount off future orders!


Bob Chapin

Actor/Stunt Man/

Visual Effects Artist



I've been wearing a messenger bag around my waist for the past 5 years. I'm pretty active and I don't have time to load up my pockets with a cell phone, wallet, PDA, headset, glasses, and other stuff. It's much easier to have everything already in a bag, grab it and go. I especially love the separate pouches for cell phone and glasses and the leg strap is awesome - great on my motorcycle, walking down stairs, running across the street while dodging crazy LA traffic. I also work as a stunt coordinator and VFX Supervisor and it's perfect on set.


In the Grab-it Pack I carry a notepad, a pen, earplugs, a stopwatch, my wallet, snack, chewing gum, etc! Pretty useful. It looks good, it stays in place well and allow me to carry my stuff comfortably!









It's an amazing invention, and has a lot less social stigma than a fanny pack. Plus, it's actually useful.

-- Richard Rasner
Nakayama Photograpy







The Grabit Pack is NOW AVAILABLE for purchase ONLINE!!!

Click HERE to order!!!






Click HERE to order!!!


Read what CUSTOMERS are saying:


I took it out for about an hour and a half yesterday. Did not even know it was on. I do love the product. I was able to carry on my person (no saddle bags, no jacket pockets, nothing in any other pockets but the Grabit Pack), Night riding glasses, Wallet, digital camera, cell phone, pocket knife, and room to spare.

-Mr. Motorcycle


Just got this product today and its already the greatest thing since french toast.
I'm a computer technician and i have everything i need in this "grabitpack".
Almost everyone who has seen it has come up to me asking me where i got it.
As we speak I'm sending out emails to a few of the guys showing them where they can order it.
Its what Han Solo would wear if he was a computer technician instead of a Intergalactic Smuggler.
Seriously, I know its an accessory but it makes me feel like a bad ass.
Thanks Again for the fast shipping.