(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. What is the difference between the GRAB-IT PACK ULTRA and the REGULAR version?

A.  The ULTRA meets the needs of those that require an EXTREMELY durable pack that provides the best comfort.  It is made of a very strong twill fabric with additional Velcro on the pockets, a buckle on the small pocket, and a zipper on the large pocket.  All buckles are high quality Military grade material.

Q. What makes the GRAB-IT PACK different than other packs?

A. Many types of "drop leg" packs are available from military or law enforcement outlet stores. I tested quite a few but found them very bulky and often get in the way of normal activity.

The Grab-it Packs is superior in these ways:

  • Ergonomic PATENTED design moves with you
  • The comfortable fit hugs your leg and does not flop around
  • It is not cumbersome and the sleek design stays out of your way
  • When worn correctly your clothing will not bunch up around the leg strap
  • It is a single unit and does not attach to your belt
  • Far more affordable while offering high quality

Q. Will one side of my body be heavier if I wear the Grab-it Pack?

A. Contrary to other "versapacks" on the market, the Grab-it Pack is NOT a backpack you strap to your leg. If you put too much in it, it will feel like you overstuffed your pockets and due to the sleek design it will not affect the way you walk.

Q. Do I lose access to my front pocket if I wear this?

A. Yes but you have easier access to your items and gain more storage. That's what the GRAB-IT PACK is designed for.

Q. Are other colors available?

A. At this time only BLACK.

Q. Are wholesale prices available?

A. Yes, please contact us regarding these prices. We are ALWAYS seeking dealers!!!

Q. Do you offer discounts on bulk orders?

A. Yes, please contact us regarding large orders.

Q. Is it available in stores?

A. Visit our LINKS page for stores. If you are interested in carrying the GRAB-IT PACK in your store, please contact us.


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"I just wanted to tell you I love the grabit pack I bought the first one a little while back and I am a 42 waist and it was a tight fit so I recently purchased the larger waist grabit pack and its great. before that I was using a more expensive version from urban tool called hip holster but the pockets are not as big and it is made of a nylon material and it is hard retreiving a phone and other things from the pockets. I am a IT consaultant and travel with in flordia to remote offices owned by the comppany I work for it is great to have the grabit pack, when I am sitting driving I have easy access to the pockets to grab my phone and other things." -A.M.


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Read what CUSTOMERS are saying: 

my wife despises fanny packs and won't let me wear them in public, plus the Grab-it Pack looks more like something Rambo would wear, haha.


Keep your stuff safe, secure, and OUT OF THE WAY while you work out!!!

I use it for all my keys, usb flash drives, and other tech paraphernalia. My supervisor is a former police officer and was a New Zealand Armed Offender Squad member (our equivalent of a SWAT team) and recognized the utility of your product and liked it straight away.